Quantum Quartz Care and Maintenance Instructions

Care and Maintenance Guide

Quantum Quartz is an extremely strong material but you should avoid:
• Sitting, standing or climbing on your bench top
• Direct exposure to hot pots, pans or other hot items
• Cutting food directly on the surface
• Knocking, dropping or bumping the Product with heavy items
• Exposure to strong chemicals and solvents.

Matte finish products are as durable as our polished range however they are prone to oil marks from ‘oily’ based products and even our own natural skin. These are not permanent stains however extra care is required in order to maintaining your matte finish product.

Note: all silicon or similar based products may leave a shiny film on the surface, causing a shiny appearance which cannot be removed. This is an unavoidable part of the installation and should be restricted to the necessary (splashback and joint sealing) areas of the benchtop. Quantum Quartz is extremely low maintenance.

• For every day cleaning use a PH neutral, non citrus cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Ensure you remove all cleaner residue with damp
cloth or sponge
• For stubborn stains use Quantum Quartz Cream Cleanser*
• Quantum Quartz is virtually non-porous and does not require sealing or polishing to maintain its semi-gloss, smooth finish.

NOTE: When cleaning with the Quantum Quartz Cream Cleanser, please dilute with water first, then apply with a non scratch scourer or soft cloth.
When unsure test the Cream Cleanser on a small piece of your bench that is out of view. Quantum Quartz is not a full gloss finish, it is a semi gloss. If your bench top looks too shiny or blotchy please review your cleaning methods.

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