Infinity Dekton Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines

Cleaning the countertop

For ordinary cleaning, a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap is perfectly adequate.

For more persistent or burned-on stains, we recommend moistening the dirt with hot water (to soften any residues) and then rinsing or removing with a clean cloth. It is also preferable to use a sponge with soft fibres of the type normally used for cleaning glass ceramic and glassware in general. Particularly abrasive sponges or steel wool must be avoided at all costs.

Infinity recommends against treating the slabs with caustic soda or products with a pH value above l. If bleach is used, rinse with plenty of water and never leave the product to remain in contact with the surface of the Infinity slab.

For the correct maintenance of the slabs, Infinity recommends that you abide by the following precautions:

  • Always use pan stands, coasters and napkins.
  • It is wise not to cut foods directly on the countertop but to use chopping boards for this purpose.
  • Never drag household appliances, knives and utensils in general across the countertop, as this may leave steel stains that are difficult to remove.
  • Never use ceramic knives directly on the countertop.

Floor cleaning

After laying the material it is essential to clean them thoroughly. If residues of grouting are not removed properly or quickly, this may result in stains that are difficult to remove and may create a film of concrete on the floor that traps all kinds of dirt.

To efficiently remove any residues of cement based grout, it is essential to wash the floor with a solution of water and buffered acid, following the percentages of water/acid indicated on the packaging of the product used. Allow the detergent to work for a few minutes without letting it dry out, then wipe over the floor with colourless cloths (remove any residues with a stiff brush). Finally rinse with plenty of water and repeat the operation as necessary.

Ordinary Floor cleaning

Infinity recommends against the use of oily soaps and waxes, and recommends instead neutral detergents such as ammonia or bleach, that have been suitably diluted in water. After washing, the floor should only be dried if it has a polished finish (to avoid any visible stains from appearing).

We always recommending testing any detergent before use, always following the instructions and the precautions indicated by the manufacturer.

Extraordinary Floor Cleaning

In the case of residues and stains that are particularly stubborn and difficult to remove, Infinity suggests cleaning the surface first with warm water and neutral detergents.

For persistent stains, then use more intense cleaning methods using specific products (depending on the type of stain to be treated):

  • Non-abrasive detergents with a neutral pH;
  • Slightly abrasive detergents;
  • Acid or alkaline detergents;
  • Solvent—based detergents.

We recommend always following the instructions and precautions indicated by the manufacturer.

Infinity  Care & Maintenance Brochure