Most stone requires little maintenance, however if you follow a few simple rules your stone bench tops will look like new forever.

1. Always clean surface with a damp cloth, on a regular basis particularly high traffic areas.

2. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or products containing acids, vinegar or lemon juice to clean your stone bench tops. Use warm soapy water instead, then a soft drying cloth.

3. Although stone is highly resistant to heat, any material can potentially be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. It is therefore not advisable to place hot saucepans directly off the stove onto your bench tops however warm substances will not cause any damage. Sintered products have a higher resistance to heat and therefore does not follow this rule.

4. Granite and Marble are porous products which could stain if sufficient care is not taken. Although all bench tops are sealed prior to leaving our factory some substances, particularly oil, juices, sauces, wines and soft drinks could penetrate the surface of the bench tops leaving a stain. To avoid this simply wipe down immediately.

With proper care and common sense stone bench tops maintain their luster and shine for many years and will look as good as the day they are installed.

Prevention is better than cure. In other words cleaning stone surfaces periodically is better than allowing them to deteriorate to a point where a major program of expensive restoration is required.