Laminam Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Care and Maintenance

Laminam surfaces are easy to clean. It is recommended, however, to take the following steps in order to obtain optimal results. Please note that, in general,the removal of stains is much easier if cleaning is performed immediately.


For the Filo range of products, it is necessary to use neutral detergent. Under no circumstances should acid-based products or alkaline products be used on the Filo range.

Ordinary Cleaning –

To clean Laminam surfaces daily it is possible to use mild detergents. They must be diluted in water according to the indications specified on the packaging.

Extraordinary Cleaning –

To remove particularly tough stains or residues, it is advisable to carry out an initial cleaning with hot water and mild detergent. If this operation is not sufficient, depending on the nature of the staining agent, it is possible to use increasingly strong cleaning techniques.

Staining Agent Cleaner Type Cleaning Method
Vaseline grease, olive oil, coffee, tea, tomato, balsamic vinegar, coke, red wine, shoe polish, iodine Cleaning with hot running water Clean with hot running water
Greasy and oily substances Mild or degreasing detergent Fila PS 87 AcquaKleen Diluted Jif cleaner
Rust / metal marks Acid-based detergent / Fila Deterdek
Ink/ Felt-tip pen Thinner-based detergents Fila PS/87 – Fila SR/95 Nitro Thinner, White Spirit, Acetone DO NOT USE ON FILO ARGENTO
Graffiti Strong graffiti cleaner / HOLDFAST® MICARA® Graffiti Remover
RESENE® Graffiti Remover

Trial Cleaners –

Before using any cleaner,it is recommend that you always carry out a test on a sample or on a hidden portion of the surface. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water after application then dry the surface in order to inspect for possible damage to the Laminam surface.

Laminam – External Care & Maintenance

Laminam –Cleaning & Maintenance