Q6+ Care & Maintenance

With proper installation, care and maintenance you should have many years of trouble free enjoyment from Q6+ porcelain.

• Although Q6+ is heat resistant it is advised that you do not place hot pots (or other hot items) directly on the surface. Please use a mat, trivet or similar item to shield the product from direct heat. There is no issue using Q6+ on your splash back behind your gas burner.

• While Q6+ is scratch resistant it is not scratch proof. It will perform great under normal conditions. Please try to avoid harsh contact with metal objects such as knives, tools,etc.

• If you have used Q6+ as a bench top, it is recommended that you do not sit or stand on your bench. The performance of Q6+ will rely on the strength of your substrate supporting the bench.

• Q6+ is virtually non‐porous and does not require any sealing. Do not attempt to seal this product.

• Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as oven cleaners, paint strippers, etc.

Cleaning / Maintenance

While Q6+ is resistant to staining it is strongly recommended that you clean spills as they occur . The more days that a stubborn stain sits on the surface the (potentially) harder it may be to remove.


For stubborn stains consider a non‐abrasive cleaning product such as Quantum Quartz Cream Cleanser which is available for sale at wk.com.au. Dilute with warm water and rub gently in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly and remove any residue . It is important that you follow your cleaning product’s instructions. Test the cleaning product on an inconspicuous part of the stone if you are unsure.

Foreign Objects

For foreign objects (gum, glue, etc) sticking to the surface use a plastic scraper or spatula to gently remove item.


It is recommended that you vacuum surface to remove any loose grit and other small items.

General Cleaning

Use soap and water with a soft cloth. A variety of non‐abrasive low/ neutral pH products are acceptable for use. Always remove residue to complete the process.
Do not leave soapy water on Q6+ to dry naturally as that may result in a film residue on the surface.

Outdoor Cleaning

Q6+ is UV resistant. Use same procedures to clean outdoor surfaces as indoor surfaces.

QuantumSix+ Care and Maintenance Guide

QuantumSix+ is an extremely strong porcelain based material but you should avoid:

• Direct exposure to hot pots, pans or other hot items.

• Cutting / chopping food directly on the surface.

• Knocking, dropping or bumping the Product with heavy items.

• Exposure to strong chemicals and solvents QuantumSix+ is extremely low maintenance.

• For every day cleaning use a PH neutral, non citrus cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Ensure you remove all cleaner residue with damp cloth or sponge.

• For stubborn stains use Quantum Quartz Cream Cleanser* with a non‐scratch scourer diluted with water.

• When using harsher cleaning chemicals please test first on a small inconspicuous part of your material.

• Q6+ is virtually non‐porous and does not require sealing or polishing to maintain its finish.

Listed below are the terms and conditions applicable to QuantumSix+ Porcelain Sheets.

What is included in the warranty:

1. Q6+ offers a 10 year limited warranty to the original customer for a period of 10 years from the date of installation.

2. The warranty covers any defects arising from the manufacture of the slab. Subsequent fabrication and installation are not covered in this warranty.

What is not included in the warranty:

1. Any defect or damage to the Product arising from work done by anyone other than Q6+.

2. The fabrication and installation of the Product by other parties.

3. Any modification or alteration to the surface of Q6+.

4. Damage to the Product due to exposure to harsh chemicals or solvents.

5. Damage by:

a. Placing hot pots / pans (including electric fry pans and other heat generating items) on the surface
b. Applying excessive weight to a poorly supported section of the surface

6. Any defect or damage as a result of the Product not being cleaned in accordance with the Q6+ Care and Maintenance Guide.

7. Variations in colour, pattern or shade of the material against sample material, displayed or illustrated material. Q6+ is made from natural material & some minor colour variation will occur between batches.

8. Failure of adhesives or caulking materials.

9. Damage resulting due to the accessories installed.

10. Failure to follow any procedures, instructions and recommendations given in the Product Manual provided to the fabricators and/or Customers.

11. Any defect or damage as a result of mishandling or abuse.

12. Cracks are not a material fault. They are not covered in the warranty and are usually a result of:

a. Improper installation substrate
b. Movement in substrate
c. Excessive heat
d. Excessive weight in under supported areas
e. Impact with a heavy object

13. Chipping is not a material fault; it is normally a direct result due to impact to the edge of the surface. Chips are not covered by this warranty.

14. Damage caused by chemical, thermal or physical abuse.

15. Normal ‘wear and tear’ caused by using the Product. Q6+ is rated ISO 10545‐7 category 4 as a product suitable for commercial high traffic areas. Material will still show minor (depending on treatment) scratching over time.

16. The warranty only covers the replacement of the material or refund for material purchased. It does not cover any fabrication or transportation costs.

17. The warranty only applies if the Product was installed by a qualified quality and experienced installer.

18. 6mm product used in benchtop applications. This is because Q6+ has no control of the quality of the substrate supporting the material. Please use 12mm Q6+ options for benchtop applications.

Statutory Rights

The limitations on the Warranty set out in this document do not exclude or limit the application of the mandatory conditions or warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any other equivalent or corresponding legislation.

Registering your Warranty

Please register your warranty online at www.quantumsix.com.au. This will enable WK to offer you better customer service.

Making a claim

Please address any claim in writing within 28 days of the occurrence to:

Quantum Six Plus Pty Ltd
ACN 608 246 831
129 Fairford Road
Padstow NSW 2211

Tel: +612 9772 9888

Fax: +612 9772 9889

Email: marketing@wk.com.au